Language Diversity and World Englishes


WOOCS 2.1.9

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Essential study guides for the future linguist. Language Diversity and World Englishes is an introduction to the variation of English throughout the UK and around the world. It is suitable for students at advanced level and beyond. Written with input from the Cambridge English Corpus, it examines how language varies among different geographical, ethnic and social groups, as well as looking at differing perceptions of language varieties. Using short activities to help explain analysis methods, this book guides students through major modern issues and concepts. It summarises key concerns and modern findings, while providing inspiration for language investigations and non-examined assessments (NEAs) with research suggestions.

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Cambridge University Press

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1. Regional accent and dialect: 1.1. Accent and dialect; 1.2. Standard English; 1.3. Accent loss and maintenance; 1.4. Accent and dialect in print and performance; 2. Language and social groups: 2.1 Idiolect and sociolect; 2.2. Social class and language; 2.3. Parallel lives: slang and occupational English; 3. Ethnicity: 3.1. Race and ethnicity; 3.2. Heritage language; 3.3. Code-switching; 3.4. Accent and dialect variation; 3.5. Ethnolect; 3.6. Whiteness; 3.7. Crossing; 4. Global diversity: 4.1. English around the world; 4.2. Where English has gone; 4.3. How English varies around the world; 4.4. ELF; 4.5. Arguments about English; Ideas and answers; References.


Dan Clayton , Rob Drummond , General editor Marcello Giovanelli

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