Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment (PUMA)

Puma enables schools to reliably assess, track and predict pupil progress in maths across the primary years.

These standardised termly tests are simple to administer and provide you with a reliable range of information that will support and guide the management of effective learning in the classroom. Uniquely, the series offers three tests for each primary school year, so that you can monitor progress term by term.

  • Provides comprehensive information on each pupil – including their Mathematics Age and a diagnostic profile across all of the strands of the new curriculum
  • Helps to monitor small increments of progress – offering a reliable basis for predicting future progress and supporting the setting of targets
  • Supports a whole-school assessment approach – with termly tests available from summer in Reception to the end of Year 6
  • Simple and quick to administer and mark – taking less than an hour to assess a whole class

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