The Special Needs Assessment Profile (SNAP)

This award-winning, computer-aided range of assessments offers ideal support for SENCOs, learning support and specialist teachers in diagnostic assessment and profiling.

Special Needs Assessment Profile-Specific Learning Difficulties (SNAP-SpLD)

  • SNAP-SPLD is the complete special needs assessment package that profiles specific learning difficulties and gives follow-up suggestions for teachers and parents.
  • Gives a structured diagnostic profile across 22 specific learning difficulties and related factors, including self-esteem
  • Generates personalised information sheets to help strengthen home and teacher support
  • Helps to monitor progress and the effectiveness of any intervention

Special Needs Assessment Profile-Behaviour (SNAP-B)

  • SNAP-Behaviour provides insights and practical strategies for behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.
  • Enables parents to be actively involved in assessment and follow-up
  • Generates personalised help sheets giving practical advice and support strategies
  • The ‘compare’ facility helps to monitor progress over time

SNAP Together

  • SNAP Together combines the SNAP-SpLD and SNAP-B special needs assessment profiling resources to enable schools to assess specific learning difficulties as well as social, emotional and behavioural difficulties with a single cost-effective package.

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