oxlogo18Essential Science for Cambridge Secondary 1

This series provides complete coverage for stages 7-9 of the Cambridge Secondary 1 curriculum framework (typically ages 11-14). It includes seamless links into Cambridge IGCSE, fully preparing students for further studies and maximising their potential.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the curriculum framework, with each spread emphasising the key learning points.
  • Accessible content to engage international school students from a wide range of backgrounds.
  • Key terms students need to know are clearly highlighted in the text.
  • Science in context! spreads at the start of each chapter put learning into real-world contexts and challenge students to think about wider issues.
  • A dedicated section on Scientific Enquiry (Stage 7) and Scientific Enquiry material integrated throughout, with practical activities to develop the required skills.
  • Examination-style questions at the end of each chapter help to prepare students for the Cambridge Checkpoint test and introduce them to the Cambridge IGCSE-style questions
  • Three separate Stage 9 books covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics offering greater flexibility for teaching the separate sciences.

Series includes:

  • 5 Student Books
  • 5 Workbooks
  • 1 Teacher’s CD-ROM

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