Cambridge Discovery Education Interactive Readers

Cambridge University Press in partnership with Discovery Education has developed next generation graded Readers that will inspire curiosity and motivate your students with high interest topics, embedded critical thinking activities, and interest-grabbing videos.

The Cambridge Discovery Interactive Readers are based on the principle that students are motivated to read when presented with materials that are engaging and innovative. Innovative materials go beyond selecting supposedly novel topics and change the ways learners interact with them. Each Cambridge Discovery Interactive Reader comes with an online environment with embedded audio, video and interactive exercises.

From levels A1 to B1+ you can find paired readers that have interrelated themes that can be used together for greater interaction.

  • A1 Eat Up! and Drink Up!
  • A1+ Slow Motion: Taking Your Time and Fast: The Need for Speed
  • A2 How Cool is Cold! and The Science of Heat
  • A2+ The Science of Darkness and The Science of Light
  • B1 Found: Discovery and Recovery and Losing It: The Meaning of Loss
  • B1+ Up in the Air: Our Fight Against Gravity and Down to Earth

Discovery Education video content brings the Interactive Readers to life.

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