IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

IB MYP is a five year educational programme designed for ages 11-16. IB MYP incorporates eight different subject groups with at least 50 hours teaching time each per year, decreasing to six subject groups for years four and five (age 14-16), in addition to one interdisciplinary unite per year and either a community or personal long-term project. Subject groups include focus on foreign language acquisition and a concrete understanding of the world and the interactions between peoples and cultures in ‘local and global contexts’. For example, Science includes the moral, ethical and realistic considerations of research while PE goes beyond simple physical activity to engage students with the science and art behind different sports and athletic pursuits. New assessment methods were implemented in 2016: continuous in-school moderation and assessment, and eAssessment, which consists of on-screen exams and online coursework portfolios.

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