9781845653385_penpals-for-handwriting-year-1-interactive_WitraPenpals for Handwriting

Handwriting is a key literacy skill that needs to be taught actively through frequent, discrete lessons. The Penpals scheme will help you to do this with DVD-ROMs for whole-class sessions, pupil practice books and write-in workbooks with  GPS contexts. Comprehensive and easy-to-use teacher’s books support you with unit-by-unit lesson plans, clear links to the corresponding practice books and workbooks with suggestions for group and independent work and guidance on common errors and what to do about them.

The Penpals philosophy is that developing the necessary fine and gross motor skills in readiness for handwriting is vital to setting children on the right path – and that warming up for handwriting is equally important for older children. That’s why each interactive DVD-ROM in the series comes complete with Penpals Gym – a series of age appropriate fine and gross motor skill exercises to start lessons off.

And because we think learning to write should be fun, we’ve developed a range of classroom posters and a wall frieze to bring colour to the classroom along with pen licence certificates and business cards to celebrate handwriting achievements.

  • A whole school handwriting scheme for 3 to 11 year olds
  • Written by experts, tried and tested by teachers
  • Clear progression from Foundation 1 stage to Year 6
  • Animations modelling pattern and letter formation and, later, joins
  • Penpals Gym – fine and gross motor skills warm up videos for all age groups
  • Clear and comprehensive teacher’s books with unit-by-unit guidance
  • Write-in disposable workbooks with GPS contexts for additional practice
  • PC and Mac compatible

Series includes:

  • 8 Interactive DVD-ROMs
  • 8 Teacher’s Books
  • 9 Workbooks (pack of 10)
  • 6 Practice Books
  • 1 Poster Pack
  • Alphabet Wall Frieze
  • Pen Licence Certificate (pack of 300)
  • Pen Licence Business Cards (pack of 200)
  • 1 Font CD-ROM
  • 3 Intervention Books

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