Origins_logo_08Project X Origins is the new name for the original Project X books. This ground-breaking whole-school guided reading programme has now been updated to provide even better support for your literacy young readers:

  • Action-packed stories, fascinating non-fiction and an incredible continuous character adventure that engages children from Reception to Year 6
  • In-built assessment using the Oxford Ros Wilson Reading Criterion Scale
  • Comprehensive Guided Reading Notes for every book covering phonics skills, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing

Series contains:

  • 200 reading books
  • A Teaching Handbook with PCMs per school year
  • Comprehensive Guided/Group Reading notes for every book
  • Interactive stories software for the whole class, perfect for use on interactive whiteboards
  • Project X Handbook: Let’s get Boys Reading and Writing: An Essential Guide to Raising Boys’ Achievement

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