Everything you need for History and Geography in one place!

  • Reinvigorate history and geography with exciting New Curriculum projects culminating in creative activities
  • Save time with editable planning and all the best resources at your fingertips
  • Improve core English, maths and science skills across the curriculum
  • Published in association with the Geographical Association

These fully flexible lesson ideas are teeming with creative outcomes such as creating your own Viking myth, recording your own weather forecast or creating your very own archaeological dig.

And what’s more, Rising Stars has curated all the best multimedia resources and web links needed for every project in your Voyagers Online Resource Bank to ensure your lessons are filled with the most awe-inspiring materials available!

Everything you need to teach imaginative, hands-on History and Geography lessons across KS1 and KS2 is contained within your Voyagers Pack. Take a look at the complete Topic list by Key Stage phase.

Each Voyagers Pack contains:

  • History Teacher’s GuideVoyagers one-off purchase
  • Geography Teacher’s Guide
  • Access to the Voyagers Online Resource Bank including: An extensive photo bank, Inspiring videos, Maps and artefacts, Key people and events

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