Abacus is a unique maths toolkit that’s carefully crafted for the new UK primary maths curriculum to help you inspire a genuine love of maths. Abacus rests on “four pillars” – that for a child to develop conceptual understanding, numerical fluency, problem-solving skills and mathematical confidence they need:

  • An appreciation of number system and strong grasp of place value
  • A really good bank of number facts
  • An exposure to consistent images and models
  • A comprehension of the key mathematical functions based on doubling and halving

To join Abacus, you simply subscribe as a member on an annual basis. Membership gives you (and your children) access to the online toolkit. The content will continue to evolve with you and the changing curriculum now and in the furture. Printed resources are also available to aid pupil practice in the classroom and at home. You can sign up for a free 60-day trial of the online toolkit by sending us an email.

Series contains:

  • Workbooks 1-3 for Y1-Y2
  • Textbook for Y2 and textbooks 1-3 for Y3-Y6
  • Subscriptions for Reception, KS1, and lower and upper KS2 (follow the steps below).

Step 1 – Identify which tier your school size matches:

  • Category A (Small school) 0-100 pupils
  • Category B (Medium school) 101-300 pupils
  • Category C (Large school) 301-500 pupils
  • Category D (Extra Large school) 501-999
  • Category E (Super school) 1000+ pupils

Step 2 – Select the stages you want access to. Choose just one, two or all three of the following:

  • Reception/Key Stage 1 (4-7 year olds)
  • Lower Key Stage 2 (7-9 year olds)
  • Upper Key Stage 2 (9-11 year olds)

For whole school access, order all three stages.

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