Help your students excel at Key Stage 3 French with this rigorous, grammar-based course for the 2014 curriculum. Tricolore 5e édition provides stimulating content with a blend of resources to inspire and stretch highest-achieving students.

  • Detailed, progressive grammar and skills coverage, plus a focus on sound-spelling links to support pronunciation, spelling and transcription
  • On-the-page extension activities to support students with prior knowledge of French or those in need of an extra challenge
  • Supports reading and translations of authentic texts
  • End-of-unit summaries and unit assessment in all four skills
  • Extensive support for independent learning (extended reading, free choice activities, plus vocabulary and grammar reference sections)
  • Fully integrated Kerboodle containing extensive teaching materials, inspiring classroom resources and a range of assessment tasks

Series includes:

  • 3 Student Books
  • 3 Teacher Books
  • 3 Workbooks
  • 3 Kerboodle: Resources and Assessment
  • 3 Kerboodle Books
  • 3 Audio CD Packs

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