Panorama hispanohablante

Designed to prepare students for the ab initio Spanish course for the International Baccalaureate Language B programme. Panorama hispanohablante is divided into two parts covering the first and second year of the course, each of which includes a student book, a teacher’s resource and a workbook. This unique resource is totally international in approach. It contains material especially designed to engage older teenager learners and requires students to think and reflect at a level that is suitable for an IB Diploma student. There is a strong emphasis on developing intercultural understanding and Spanish as a world language. Across the series all the key IB texts and themes and all elements of the examination are covered. All the language is taught and practised in context, ToK and CAS are fully integrated into the learning and hispanophone culture takes a central role.

Series includes:

  • 2 Student Books
  • 2 Workbooks packs
  • 2 Teacher’s Books

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