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WOOCS 2.1.9

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Truly engage learners with scientific concepts – the inquiry-based approach drives active exploration, investigation and critical thought~Fully cover the new syllabus – the most comprehensive support for the new syllabus (first examination 2017), developed directly with the IB~Strengthen achievement – current case studies and activities accessibly connect learning with relevant global issues, driving motivation and achievement~Accurately implement the new requirements- written by DP Curriculum Developers and authors of the new syllabus~Support the new internal assessment – fresh ideas and new approaches to practicals from Gillian Williams help you tackle the changes~Build assessment potential – assessment support directly from the IB provides unrivalled exam preparation~Print and online format gives the most flexible access to learning material~Multiplatform access, compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads, tablets and more~Includes one print course book and

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1 Foundations of environmental systems and societies; 1.1 Environmental value systems; 1.2 Systems and models; 1.3 Energy and equilibria; 1.4 Sustainability; 1.5 Humans and pollution; 2 Ecosystems and ecology; 2.1 Species and populations; 2.2 Communities and ecosystems; 2.3 Flows of energy and matter; 2.4 Biomes, zonation and succession; 2.5 Investigating ecosystems; 3 Biodiversity and conservation; 3.1 An introduction to biodiversity; 3.2 Origins of biodiversity; 3.3 Threats to biodiversity; 3.4 Conservation of biodiversity; 4 Water, food production, systems and society; 4.1 Introduction to water systems; 4.2 Access to freshwater; 4.3 Aquatic food production systems; 4.4 Water pollution; 5 Soil systems and society; 5.1 Introduction to soil systems; 5.2 Terrestrial food production systems; 5.3 Soil degradation and conservation; 6 Atmospheric systems and society; 6.1 Introduction to the atmosphere; 6.2 Stratospheric ozone; 6.3 Photochemical smog; 6.4 Acid deposition; 7 Climate change and energy; 7.1 Energy choices and security; 7.2 Climate change – causes and impacts; 7.3 Climate change – mitigation and adaptation; 8 Human Systems and resource use; 8.1 Human population dynamics; 8.2 Resource use in society; 8.3 Solid domestic waste; 8.4 Human population carrying capacity; 9 Internal Assessment; 10 External Assessment; 11 Extended Essay


Rutherford, Jill; Williams, Gillian

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