MYP Spanish Language Acquisition Phases 1 & 2


WOOCS 2.1.9

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Build a strong foundation of Spanish skills and comprehension, preparing MYP learners to progress~Simplify early language acquisition, fully securing the basics~Fully integrate concept-based learning with an inquiry-based unit structure that drives independent thinking~Apply inquiry-based techniques to age and phase-appropriate language-learning material~Build interpreting, listening, speaking reading and writing skills framed within key and related concepts~Connect activities with the MYP assessment criteria, preparing learners for summative assessment~Mapped to the current MYP curriculum framework

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Unit overview; 1 ?Como aprendemos?; 2 ?Quien eres?; 3 Mi rutina cotidiana; 4 Hogar, dulce hogar; 5 Asi soy yo en mi tiempo libre; 6 Un mosaico de tradiciones y celebraciones; 7 La vida sana; 8 Las lenguas de mi vida; 9 Mi barrio y mi comunidad; 10 WWW, una herramienta para aprendar; 11 Nos vamos de viaje; 12 La diversidad geografica y cultural del mundo hispano


de Vries, Tere; Gonzalez Salgado, Cristobal

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