Abacus Five-minute Fillers: Foundation – Year 2


WOOCS 2.1.9


Jennie Kerwin, Hilda Mertten, and Ruth Merttens

The new maths toolkit that’s being carefully crafted for the new UK primary maths curriculum by an expert author team.

Abacus is founded on a unique and robust approach to creating inspired and confident young mathematicians. It gives you freedom (when you want it) and structure (where you choose it) to inspire a love of maths and ensure understanding and progression for every child.

The activities in this Five Minute Fillers book:

  • can be completed in 5 minutes or less
  • require no resources
  • are oral rather than written
  • are suitable for the whole class or a large group
  • will build children’s confidence

The following topics are covered:

  • counting
  • addition
  • number bonds
  • subtraction
  • more or less
  • doubling and halving
  • times-tables

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