Exploring Geography in a Changing World Pupil’s Book 3


WOOCS 2.1.9

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Simon Ross

Exploring Geography in a Changing World is a new Key Stage 3 series designed to present real-life geography to motivate and stimulate pupils. With challenging content, engaging practical activities and an emphasis on ‘thinking skills’ pupils can achieve a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for progression to GCSE.

Book 3 addresses global issues such as population distribution, the contrast between rich and poor societies and environmental concerns. Opportunities for fieldwork are provided throughout the course, and pupils relate the content to the real world through the Issues activities at the end of each chapter.

  • Challenging content for real-life geography
  • Aimed at middle- to high-achieving pupils
  • Each year of the course is focused on a different scale, from the local environment and the UK in Year 7, Europe in Year 8 and the global environment in Year 9.
  • Key geographical themes are explored and revisited throughout the course
  • Each theme concludes with an issues-based decision-making task, relating the content pupils have covered to the real world
  • Full coverage of the new national curriculum

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Hodder Education

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May 2010