International Science Teacher’s Guide 1


WOOCS 2.1.9


Karen Morrison

The teacher’s guide to accompany the first book in a three-level series covering the lower secondary grades and designed for ESL students studying science in English.

  • Dedicated ESL science course designed for lower secondary students
  • Perfect preparation for the IGCSE and equivalent courses
Table of Contents:

1. Doing Science

2. Characteristics of living things

3. Cells and organ systems

4. Classification and variation

5. Habitats and feeding relationships

6. Acids and bases

7. Physical and chemical changes

8. Materials and their properties

9. The particle model of solids, liquids and gases

10. Mixing and separating substances

11. Forces

12. Energy resources

13. Electrical circuits

14. The Earth in space.

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Hodder Education

Publication date

25 July 2008