A 21st Century Literacy Program

Frida JohanssonNews, Pearson Education


A totally new English Language Arts program for High School grades 6-12 that engages 21st Century learners in a profound way. It’s already making an impact in schools in the United States.

myPerspectives offers blended print and digital experiences that create innovators, critical thinkers, and communicators. It provides next-gen learning experiences that promote higher achievement and develop the competencies needed for college and career readiness – essential elements of the Common Core Literacy Standards

myPerspectives is a English language arts program for Grades 6–12 that values the perspective of the learner, collectively and individually. Interactive learning blends print and technology in a student-centered, teacher-inspired classroom. This dynamic program creates an interactive, engaging, and relevant learning environment through readings, meaningful activities, and purposeful performance tasks. myPerspectives encourages social collaboration as well as student ownership of learning through goal setting, choice, and reflection.

Cultivate students’ voices and perspectives. Open a world of ideas using literary and informational texts to prepare students for college and careers.

Read more about the program in the myPerspectives brochure