Early Years Resources-Engage children from the very beginning of their learning journey

Frida JohanssonNews

Are you an Early Years educator looking for resources to help turn your classroom into an exciting learning hub? Oxford University Press, Pearson, Hodder and Cambridge are publishing a variety of fun, colourful and engaging resources to use in the Early Years classroom.

All four of our publishers produce a variety of exciting and engaging reading schemes beginning from the Early Years age range.
The Glitterlings range by Oxford University Press is an International Early Years-specific collection aimed at providing children with an inspiring start to their language and literacy development. The collection mixes story and play-based learning whilst effectively supporting multilingual learners and teachers alike.

As well as such reading schemes we have a range of picture books to entice young learners into the world of books.

Pearson’s Abacus Five-Minute Fillers for mathematics is a book bursting with short, effective activities to aid the mathematical learning of children from the Foundation Stage to Year Two. Each activity features clear instructions for teachers as well as possible adaptations for each activity to help make it work for you and your classroom.

Are you in need of some educational and fun mathematics games to use in your classroom? Look no further than the Cambridge Primary Mathematics Games Books from the Cambridge Primary Mathematics range. Each of these games books complements each stage of the Cambridge Primary Mathematics programme and features a huge selection of games to liven up the mathematics classroom.

Looking for some ideas for how to introduce science learning into the Early Years classroom? Rising Stars’ Switched on Science in the Early Years is a comprehensive science programme consisting of 18 teaching units. The programme contains everything you need to begin the development of inquisitive young scientists in your classroom.

If you would be interested in attending a meeting at our showroom together with other Early Years professionals to discuss and browse our Early Years resources, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Alternatively, if you would like a member of our team to visit your school to give advice or to show you some samples do let us know, we would be more than happy to do so!