New Online Book Fairs – Get Students Reading and Support the School Library!

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We are excited to announce a new online book fair for primary children, that we are launching along with Oxford University Press. Help parents find wonderful books for their children to read and at the same time support your school library!

If your school signs up to the scheme, parents will have access to a website where they can order titles from Oxford’s children’s book range within a two-week window. On the site we will also include tips and recommendations to help the children and parents choose. After this, the books are sent to the school to be distributed and the school gets 10% of the total order to spend on titles for the library.

All the prices are the publisher’s prices and we send the books free of charge to your school. We take care of all payments and administration.

If you would like more information on the process, range of titles and to have a look at the site, just let us know. Alternatively, we will have a meeting where we give more information at our showroom in Stockholm on Thursday 15th March, 9.15.