Important Message for World Book Online Subscribers

Frida JohanssonNews

As of May 21st World Book Online will be switching from the HTTP protocol to the HTTPS protocol to ensure a more secure web browsing experience and better user data protection for its subscribers.
Please make sure you update your bookmarks and links to reflect the new secure protocol before the old one is switched off.

As the switchover will be taking place on May 21st, please ensure you make the necessary changes before then to avoid any service disruption

Please use the information and instructions below to make the changes:

EZProxy Customers
If you use an EZProxy configuration, you will need to have an SSL certificate installed on your proxy server and update your setup so a request for an HTTPS link will be routed through your proxy service correctly.

About the SSL certificate
Many database vendors have already made the transition to HTTPS, and our expectation is that World Book subscribing institutions will already have the required SSL certificate installed. If not, we encourage you to contact OCLC as soon as possible to request an SSL certificate for your proxy server.

Information on obtaining and installing an SSL certificate can be found at:

If you use a different proxy service, please check with their support team for enabling HTTPS access to ensure that is added to your white list, and that you are set up to support secure HTTPS websites.