April 17, 2023

Book Fairs and why we should encourage kids to read

Did you know that we arrange book fairs in collaboration with school libraries? If you’re not local to us we can arrange an online Book Fair too. At these book fairs, kids and their parents can browse and purchase a variety of English literature, suitable for all ages, at great prices. As an added bonus, the library receives a percentage of the total spent to use towards more books!

Research has shown that children today read less frequently and enjoy reading less than those of past generations. But why is it important to read? Reading helps to build language skills, it teaches us about the world and different cultures, how to handle our emotions, to build empathy, and sparks imagination and creativity. It’s a good thing all around!

So how can we change this trend? Firstly, we have to make books available both at home and in school. Parents can read to younger children, and as they get older, encourage them to pick up a book by themselves. Schools can make reading for pleasure a part of the timetable, host library treasure hunts, arrange author visits and organise book fairs. And not to forget to lead by example, reading is great for adults too! Remember, even the most reluctant reader can become a lifelong reader.

If you are interested in discussing how we can arrange a Book Fair at your school, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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