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Oxford IB DP Philosophy – updated version 

Oxford’s IB DP Philosophy Course Companion has been reprinted and updated. It includes a rebranded cover and updated information for the new syllabus.  Updates include:  The most comprehensive coverage of the...

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Early Years

Cambridge Early Years Learner’s Books are now available from Cambridge. These engaging resources combine the power of play-based learning with colourful songs and stories, as well as relatable topics to...

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Primary Global Perspectives – out now!

Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives, stages 1-3. The first edition of Cambridge’s Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives series for Stages 1-3 is now available. Developed to encourage critical thinking and exploration of local, national and...

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History news from Hodder

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Changing Histories, the latest KS3 History course from Hodder. Scheduled for publication are the following volumes: 📚 Connected Worlds, c.1000–c.1600 –...

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Rapid Plus Reading programme  

Experience real progress and proven results for English Language Learners and struggling readers. Introducing the latest addition to Pearson’s repertoire: Rapid Plus stages 10-12. This innovative series, developed with Dee Reid,...

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Adaptive learning for primary and secondary schools 

The Adapt platform, developed by our publishing partner, Collins, engages with each student as a unique individual, as though a teacher were by their side.  Utilizing cognitive science to enhance recall,...

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Springboard KS3 Science

We’re delighted to announce that Hodder’s brand new KS3 Science suite of resources, Springboard is now published. This revolutionary and research-informed series is designed to ensure pupils progress through the...

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Collins Primary and Lower Secondary Wellbeing series

The Collins Wellbeing series is a flexible and easy-to implement wellbeing programme supporting teachers to equip learners with the tools needed to build confidence, support their mental health and develop...


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