Featured image for “Oxford Teaching Guides”

Oxford Teaching Guides

Oxford Teaching Guides: a series of how-to teach books covering a wide range of mainstream issues in school teaching. Practical, concise and affordable, they draw on the latest research to...

Featured image for “A School for Everyone”

A School for Everyone

Introducing a new resource for for educators hoping to create a more inclusive and compassionate school environment: A School for Everyone, from Jessica Kingsley Publishers. This discussion tool, designed to address...

Featured image for “Discover “Astro” from Reading Planet”

Discover “Astro” from Reading Planet

Reading Planet, offered by Hodder Eduation, is a whole-school reading solution that aims to ensure every pupil achieves reading success and develops a real love of reading. This tried-and-true testing...

Featured image for “Academic English Conference 2021”

Academic English Conference 2021

This news highlight is specifically directed toward our English teachers. Cambridge University Press is offering a free online professional development opportunity coming up next week: an Academic English Conference with...

Featured image for “World Mental Health Day resources”

World Mental Health Day resources

In honor of the WHO’s World Mental Health Day, we’d like to highlight five resources for school leaders and educators. These resources can support you in promoting a mentally healthy...

Featured image for “Science and Maths dictionaries”

Science and Maths dictionaries

We know that teaching science and maths in a multilingual classroom can be challenging. At Witra Publishing Group, our priority is helping educators find and select resources to support their...

Featured image for “Space-related books”

Space-related books

It’s World Space Week! We’d like to share some of our favourite space-related titles from Hachette Children’s Group. If you’d like to learn more about our non-fiction science titles for...

Featured image for “Brand-New Discover by World Book”

Brand-New Discover by World Book

World Book Online is completely redesigning Discover by World Book! The site will remain a differentiated research database for struggling learners, but now includes an abundance of additional features to meet the unique needs...


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