October 18, 2021

Discover “Astro” from Reading Planet

Reading Planet, offered by Hodder Eduation, is a whole-school reading solution that aims to ensure every pupil achieves reading success and develops a real love of reading. This tried-and-true testing scheme is used by thousands of schools to raise attainment and increase engagement.

Astro is the brand-new dual-banded reading strand from Reading Planet! Edited by award-winning author Tony Bradman, Astro will help your struggling and reluctant readers (aged 7-11) to improve fluency, practise phonics, AND get truly excited about reading. 

Astro combines lower reading levels with age-related interest levels to ensure pupils enjoy reading whilst improving their fluency. Each book includes questions designed to improve vocabulary and comprehension. The first 24 books are highly decodable and aligned with the progression of the Reading Planet Rocket Phonics programme. Letter-sounds and tricky words lists are included to support phonics practice. The first 24 books are out now and will be available soon as interactive eBooks via a Reading Planet Online subscription.

If you’re interested in sampling Astro or seeing what else Hodder’s Reading Planet has to offer, we’d love to provide you with a FREE 30-day online trial (the free trial is digital, but this reading scheme is also offered in print format). There are three exciting, interactive libraries which provide everything in digital format with additional features for teachers, parents and pupils. Just send us a message if you’re interested!

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