Digital Society for the IB Diploma

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Ensure full coverage of the digital society course with this accessible guide written by an experienced international team of IB educators and examiners, enabling students to build skills and understand the importance and impact of digital systems and technologies in the contemporary world.
– Explore digital society through the key concepts, content and contexts of the syllabus with clear, real world, internationally minded examples for each topic.
– Delve into the higher-level extension challenges and interventions in digital society using contemporary,
real-world issues that allow students to formulate their own recommendations, with chapter reflections to consolidate learning throughout.
– Essential tools for inquiry are integrated throughout the course, with links to ATL, TOK, and extended essay.
– Specific chapters and activities are featured for conducting inquiries suitable for SL and HL students, with added extended inquiries for HL students.
– Prepare for the inquiry project with step-by-step guidance, advice, practice questions and top tips on
how to maximise potential in the assessment.

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