January 13, 2022

Mathematics for the MYP: New resources from Pearson

This brand new series puts learners in charge with an exploratory inquiry-led approach to MYP Mathematics. This series of five comprehensive course books covers Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4+5 Standard, and Year 4+5 Extended. The accompanying teacher guides include detailed unit plans, prerequisites, extra questions, ideas for group work and much more. 
  • Each full-colour book and accompanying eBook contains detailed worked examples, ideas for investigations, reflections, differentiated exercises, and “check your knowledge” questions to put learning into practice.  
  • Clear links to key concepts, related concepts and global contexts in addition to statements of inquiry and inquiry questions for each chapter. 
  • ATLs identified throughout. 
  • Investigations encourage learners to seek knowledge and develop research skills.

If you’re interested in seeing samples of any of the levels, please just send us an email.

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