February 10, 2022

New revision cards from Oxford University Press

Later this month, a new tool will be released to support English students: Oxford School Shakespeare GCSE Revision Cards. These cards target the most essential skills and knowledge for exam success; they include key words and key quotations as well as practice questions and answers. 

Each pack contains 65 cards, structured by plot, character, and theme. Each card includes a short quotation from the play and questions on the front to help consolidate key knowledge, along with answers on the back. These cards are perfect for small group work, individual work, or even as a full-class activity during revision.

Currently the revision cards are available for Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. They can be used as a stand-alone study tool or alongside the Shakespeare Revision Workbooks. Click here and here to see PDF samples of the cards.

If you have any questions about these revision cards or any other English resource, please send us an email.

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