May 23, 2023

News from Oxford University Press – Cambridge IGCSE

OUP’s print and digital resources for the latest IGCSE® Maths syllabus (0580) provide comprehensive preparation for forthcoming examination in 2025. Utilising Rayner’s renowned approach, the Core and Extended Mathematics resources ensure students are well-equipped when faced with their exams.

Complete Maths (6th ed) – Cambridge IGCSE, Extended and Core –  Complete Global Perspectives, Complete 20th century History. 

The Extended Print Student Book is now published and available to order through us here at Witra. The Core Print Student Book will publish on 25th May. Teacher Handbooks and Exam Success Guide for Core and Extended will publish next year. A digital subscription that works alongside the new print resources is available for trial access – just get in touch and we’ll set you up.

Complete Global Perspectives (3rd ed) – The updated resources from Oxford for Cambridge IGCSE® Global Perspectives is now available. The new resources include print Student Book and Teacher Handbook that offer an exact match to the latest syllabus (0457) with support materials for the changes. The Teacher Handbook and a digital subscription will publish on 7th September, 2023. 

Complete 20th Century History (3rd ed) – Updated resources from Oxford for Cambridge IGCSE® 20th Century History will be publishing from June 2023. The new resources will offer an exact match for Option B and full support for the latest syllabus (0470/2147). Print Student Book will publish in June. Digital subscription will publish in September, 2023. The accompanying Exam Success Guide will also publish later this year.

Want to know more about orders, digital samples or anything else? Just let us know how we can help.

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