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Earth Day resources

April 20, 2022
In honour of Earth Day, we’d like to highlight six titles from Jessica Kingsley Publishers that centre around the topics of nature and climate. If you’re interested in learning more or placing an order, please just send us an email. Happy Earth Day! Full…
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IB Theory of Knowledge resources

April 14, 2022
We’d like to highlight an updated Theory of Knowledge resource from Oxford University Press. Supporting the latest TOK syllabus, for first teaching September 2020 and first assessment in 2022, these inquiry-based resources are developed directly with the IB to help learners navigate complex issues…
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Connectivity: A communicative English course

April 11, 2022
From Pearson Education, Connectivity is a new communicative course for young adults that takes students from true beginner to advanced competency in six levels. The course is currently available in Foundations and Levels 1 – 3, with Levels 4 and 5 set to release in…
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Big Feelings Stories: Collection from Jessica Kingsley Publishers

April 7, 2022
A new collection from Jessica Kingsley Publishers, set to be released in April 2022: Dr. Karen Treisman’s Big Feelings Stories take children on therapeutic adventures – from deep in the Okavango delta to the depths of the sea. The six stories have been written…
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Cambridge Lower Secondary for Computing

April 4, 2022
A new resource from Hodder Education: Deliver an exciting computing course for ages 11-14, building on student’s existing computing skills and experience whilst demonstrating new concepts, with practise opportunities to ensure progression, mapped to the Cambridge Lower Secondary Computing curriculum framework (0860) from 2022. –…
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Science teacher workshops at our showroom in Gamla Stan

March 30, 2022
Stockholm-local science teachers: We’d like to extend to you a warm welcome to a series of workshops for science teachers, held at our showroom in Gamla Stan, on 3 & 4 May. The three workshops will be presented by a speaker from our partner…
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IB Business Management resources

March 28, 2022
In October 2022, Cambridge University Press will release an updated course book for IB Business Management. This book will be available in both print and digital formats. A digital teacher’s resource will also be released in October. If you have any questions about these…
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MYP Mathematics: A Concept-Based Approach

March 24, 2022
Supporting the revised MYP curriculum framework for 2020, these resources from Oxford University Press strengthen mathematical understanding and develop conceptual awareness. Enable critical exploration of mathematical content, framed within key and related concepts and global contexts Promote independent thinking via factual, conceptual and debatable…
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Showroom open for planned visits

March 21, 2022
If you are a school leader or educator, we’d like to extend to you a warm welcome to our showroom in Gamla Stan this spring. At our showroom, we can offer a wide array of samples of educational resources across all subjects and levels…
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IB Diploma revision resources

March 17, 2022
As exam season approaches, we’d like to highlight these excellent study and revision guides from Hodder Education. Reinforce your students’ knowledge and develop their exam skills with explanations of all syllabus requirements and topics, exam-style questions, and practical exam tips and guidance from experts.…
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Resources for supporting students’ mental health

March 14, 2022
As the world news unfolds, you might be wondering how you can come alongside your students to better support them in navigating their stress and anxiety. We’d like to share a few resources that you may find useful as you work toward improving overall…
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PYP Readers and Companions from Pearson Education

March 10, 2022
We’d like to highlight a PYP reading resource from Pearson Education: IB PYP Readers and Companions. This collection of titles (which includes both fiction and non-fiction) is specially designed to motivate younger learners and help them develop vital inquiry-based reading strategies. This ready-made library of 120…
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Support and updates for our World Book Online subscribers

March 7, 2022
We are committed to continually supporting our World Book Online subscribers by offering them options for professional development, reminders about helpful updates, and free resources to make it easier for their colleagues and students to utilise the World Book Online databases. Below are three…
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Floppy’s Phonics from Oxford University Press

March 3, 2022
Floppy’s Phonics is a rigorous, easy-to-use synthetic phonics teaching programme from Oxford University Press that engages children from the outset and enables them to learn to read quickly. Floppy’s Phonics is perfect for schools looking for high quality phonics teaching resources and professional development…
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New pre-primary reading series from Cambridge University Press

February 28, 2022
Published in January 2022, this three-level pre-primary English course develops early literacy skills and encourages creative, critical, and communication skills through guided play. “Pippa and Pop” is a collection of reading resources that offers a gradual introduction to numeracy, letters and sounds, cross-curricular lessons,…
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IGCSE textbooks for examination from 2023

February 24, 2022
We’re pleased to present several updated Cambridge IGCSE titles from Hodder Education. These textbooks are endorsed by Cambridge International to support the full syllabus for examination from 2023. They are currently available for purchase. Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Literature in English Cambridge IGCSE…
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Disney Kids Readers from Pearson Education

February 21, 2022
Pearson English Graded Readers is a collection of over 480 titles that features a wide range of genres, helping to bring the joy of reading into the hands of students of all ages and levels. Now, Pearson is offering a collection of 36 Disney…