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Science resources in English to match Swedish curriculum

If you’re a school in Sweden that teaches science in English while adhering to the Swedish curriculum, we understand the challenges you may face in finding appropriate resources. The need...

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SNAP Maths

SNAP – Special Needs Assessment Profile. Maths learning difficulties such as dyscalculia and maths anxiety are common issues that can cause students to have difficulty with their maths lessons. Dyscalculia...

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News from Oxford University Press – Cambridge IGCSE

OUP’s print and digital resources for the latest IGCSE® Maths syllabus (0580) provide comprehensive preparation for forthcoming examination in 2025. Utilising Rayner’s renowned approach, the Core and Extended Mathematics resources...

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Engage your students

How do we encourage students to become informed and engaged citizens and develop critical thinking? Through thoughtful discussions, students can gain a better understanding of the complexities of the world...

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Special education and disability resources

Are you a special educator or school counsellor looking for engaging, inspiring resources? Are you a class teacher seeking materials to help support students with special educational needs and disabilities?...

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How can John Catt support you in the classroom?

John Catt has been publishing high-quality resources since 1959, and in 2021 became a part of the Hodder Education Group, a division of Hachette UK. They publish around 50 books...

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Teaching Transferable Skills

If you missed our workshop on Teaching Transferable Skills in the context of Science and Global Citizenship at our showroom a couple of weeks ago, don’t worry! Contact us and...

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Book Fairs and why we should encourage kids to read

Did you know that we arrange book fairs in collaboration with school libraries? If you’re not local to us we can arrange an online Book Fair too. At these book...


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