Organise Ideas: Thinking by Hand, Extending the Mind

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The central purpose of this book is to help teachers organise ideas through the use of graphic organisers.

Over 35 such word-diagrams are: organised into a system to help select the right tool for the job; described for rapid understanding of their strengths; and explained for step-by-step construction.

Over 50 teachers each have a double-page spread in which they reveal how they use them in their teaching — across the full age range and span of subjects. A further section of the book demonstrates how to use these word-diagrams most effectively by partnering them with other teaching strategies, such as retrieval practice, writing, speaking and listening, teacher explanations, advance organisers, scaffolding, remote learning and more.

The pages are illustrated to the same quality and quantity in Oliver’s previous book, Dual Coding with Teachers, its natural companion. A must-have textbook for every teacher that transcends contemporary ideological allegiances and fads.

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