Power Starters for International Baccalaureate Diploma

December 7, 2021
With this digital resource from Pearson Education, prepare your students for their IB learning journey by boosting their skills and knowledge. Power Starters is for students who are about to start their IB diploma; it’s an effective tool to make sure your students are…
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Approaches to Learning and Teaching

December 3, 2021
These practical, relevant, subject-specific guides from Cambridge University Press are for teachers to supplement professional development and provide resources for lesson planning. The series includes 12 subject titles: Mathematics, Science, English as a First language, English as a second language, Global Perspectives, Literature in…
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Brand-new digital literature anthologies

November 29, 2021
For our English teachers: We’d like to draw your attention to a new resource from Hodder Education: digital anthologies. These anthologies are geared toward grades 7-9. There are seven different anthologies that each provide an exciting range of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry within a particular…
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Dyslexia resources

November 25, 2021
Jessica Kingsley Publishers offers a wide range of dyslexia resources for teachers, students, counsellors, and parents. Here is a sampling of eight outstanding titles from JKP that centre around the theme of dyslexia. If you are interested in learning more, seeing additional resources, or…
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Curious about Boost?

November 22, 2021
Created with teachers and students in schools and colleges across the globe, Hodder Education’s Boost is the next generation in digital learning, bringing quality content and new technology together in one interactive online learning platform. Hodder Education recently released a series of videos on…
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PYP ATL skills workbooks

November 18, 2021
For our PYP educators: We’d like to draw your attention to a set of PYP resources from Hodder Education that you may find helpful. If you are interested in seeing a digital sample or would like to place an order, just send us an…
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Questions about CAIE?

November 15, 2021
As you may already know, Cambridge exams run in June and November each year. That means many schools are in the midst of testing right now. If your school is running exams and you have any last-minute questions, here are a few resources for…
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Holiday Library Collection

November 11, 2021
Librarians and teachers with classroom libraries: We’re offering a special deal on a collection of 12 holiday-themed books to add to your library! These titles, which will appeal to readers from ages 6 to 14, feature humour, sports, drama, and engaging connections to science,…
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International Educator’s Conference: May 2022

November 8, 2021
Witra Publishing Group is pleased to announce the International Educator’s Conference in early May 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden. This conference will feature speakers, workshops, networking sessions, and opportunities to meet with our partner publishers (Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Hachette Hodder, and Pearson Education).  Attending this…
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Pearson’s Bug Club

November 4, 2021
You may have already heard about Bug Club, a reading programme offered by Pearson Education. However, did you know that it’s much more than just collection of finely levelled reading books? Bug Club combines printed books with interactive eBooks and a unique learning platform.…