Simplicitus Altius: Leading the Interconnected Primary Curriculum

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Simplicitus Altius is the companion book to Simplicitus: The Interconnected Primary Curriculum and Effective Subject Leadership. Building on the initial ideas from Simplicitus, this book now explores further challenges in effective curriculum design within primary including reading and its place in curriculum design, child development and movement, how to get started with writing your curriculum, how to produce usable, useful and workable documentation, planning for mixed age classes, and a complete evaluation section to get to the heart of your curriculum offer.

Rooted in decades of experience and research, and packed full of exemplar materials and workable proformas, Altius unpicks and presents efficient solutions to some of the perennial issues faced by primary when designing a curriculum.

The approaches contained within Simplicitus and Altius have been used successfully by hundreds of schools and thousands of primary colleagues both nationally and internationally to help design and evaluate their curriculum offer. Primary curriculum design can be challenging but it need not be difficult. It can be Simplicitus.

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