The Magic in the Space Beyond: Transformational case studies from the frontiers of women’s leadership

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Responding to a challenge posed by state and independent schools, Ian and Hilary Wigston launched a unique mentoring programme to transform women’s leadership in education. This programme, explored in the 2021 book The Magic in the Space Between, achieved huge success in the UK and led to similar initiatives in North America, Australasia and Africa.

This new book, The Magic in the Space Beyond, presents a series of transformational projects produced by aspiring school leaders who were given the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from around the world. Inspired by their world-class mentors, these remarkable women have forged new and innovative pathways for their own development while researching and documenting radical solutions to contemporary issues.

These case studies explore the new frontiers that educators and students face every day, including:
· How to respond to the god-like nature of social media influencers.
· Building a proactive strategy to address neurodiversity.
· Addressing post-pandemic mental health.
· Developing a playbook to enable student resilience.

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