The Thinking Teacher: How to transform your mindset and your teaching

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The Thinking Teacher offers a current and reflective resource for teachers at every level who wish to transform their thinking and their practice in the classroom. Written by teacher professional learning expert Dr. Kulvarn Atwal, the book shows teachers how they can make a positive difference to every single student they teach. He shares strategies that will empower you to navigate your way through a complex profession in a continual cycle of learning and improvement.

The greatest influence on the quality of students’ learning in schools is the quality of teaching. This book is based on the best available evidence of how to maximise your effectiveness in the classroom. The book includes specific examples of how to build your teaching powers through reflective practice as well as teaching strategies that will enable your students to develop as independent learners.

Filled with practical strategies, Atwal encourages teachers to transform their mindsets and experiment with how they teach to improve their practice. It is essential reading for teachers at the beginning of their careers as well as anyone at any level of experience who is interested in improving their teaching.

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