The Cambridge Programme

Witra Publishing Group represents all the main publishers of the Cambridge programme (CAIE). From comprehensive study guides to engaging practice materials, our resources provide the perfect support for all subjects. 

The Cambridge Primary resources are designed to engage students aged 5 to 11, providing a structured learning journey that builds a strong foundation in key subjects. 

The Cambridge Lower Secondary resources are carefully crafted to enhance the learning journey of students aged 11 to 14. From engaging textbooks and interactive workbooks to digital tools and assessment materials, the resources offer a diverse range of learning experiences. 

The Cambridge IGCSE resources range from in-depth textbooks and study guides to practise papers and online platforms, our resources offer a multifaceted approach to learning. With a blend of traditional and digital learning tools, these resources ensure that students are well prepared for success in their IGCSE exams and beyond. 

When you acquire Cambridge through Witra Publishing Group, you gain valuable access to publishers and editors.

We offer publishers’ prices (order volume discount) as well as free shipping from our UK warehouses.

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