Guided reading programmes for primary school

Are you looking for a guided reading programme for your school?

We understand the challenge of finding a reading programme that is both engaging and varied for young readers. We have a range of guided reading programmes that are suitable for beginner readers all the way up to the end of primary school. These collections offer levelled books that can suit a range of abilities.

With a range of activities often included, these programmes will help to improve reading comprehension, fluency and vocabulary among your students. Over time your students will become more confident and skilled readers.

Reading programs for primary students are crucial for several reasons. They expose young students to a diverse range of vocabulary and language patterns, expanding their linguistic abilities and communication skills.

Encouraging a love for reading from a young age creates a positive attitude towards learning that can extend throughout their lives. Children who enjoy reading are more likely to seek out knowledge and information independently. Early exposure to reading programs can foster a love for reading that persists into adulthood. Children who develop a passion for reading are more likely to continue reading for pleasure throughout their lives.

Let us help you choose the guided reading programme best suited to your classroom.

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