October 28, 2021

A School for Everyone

Introducing a new resource for for educators hoping to create a more inclusive and compassionate school environment: A School for Everyone, from Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

This discussion tool, designed to address pressing social issues for children, helps teachers, parents and professionals caring for children to alleviate young people’s worries and opens up conversations on tricky topics.

Providing 16 stories told from different perspectives, the book covers social and emotional concerns around far-ranging issues, including refugees, disability, gender diversity and climate change. For each issue raised, the story is followed by a fact file, a set of interactive activities, lesson plans, and a bank of resources to further enhance understanding and promote empathy.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers is offering a free lesson plan as a sample of this resource– click here.

If you’re interested in placing an order for this book, or if you would like to see resources on another topic, please just send us a message!

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