February 12, 2024

Barrington Stoke

Last year, our publishing partner, Collins, acquired award-winning publisher Barrington Stoke which now sits as an imprint within Collins. 

Getting children excited about reading for pleasure is no small task. With countless distractions competing for their attention, and the added challenge for many who face dyslexia and visual stress, it can feel like an uphill battle. That’s where Barrington Stoke steps in. Teaming up with some of the best writers and illustrators, Barrington Stoke create books that are not only super-readable but also incredibly accessible. The goal is to ensure every child gets to experience the pure joy of getting lost in a story, no matter what obstacles they may face.

Interested in exploring the titles Barrington Stoke has to offer? Simply reach out, and we’ll happily provide you with a link to the catalogue.

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