February 26, 2024

Collins Primary and Lower Secondary Wellbeing series

The Collins Wellbeing series is a flexible and easy-to implement wellbeing programme supporting teachers to equip learners with the tools needed to build confidence, support their mental health and develop emotional resilience. 

Collins are working with Cambridge Assessment International Education towards endorsement of this series to support the Cambridge Lower Secondary Wellbeing curriculum framework (0034 and 0859) from 2024.

  • An easy-to-implement, structured wellbeing programme, designed to support schools to build student understanding in age-appropriate steps.
  • Develop learners’ awareness of their wellbeing needs and equip them with tools, strategies and key vocabulary they will need to discuss their wellbeing.
  • The write-in Student’s Books allow students to keep a record of their wellbeing journey, with regular opportunities for reflection and self-assessment.
  • A selection of relevant and internationally sound text extracts has been specifically curated to support wellbeing.
  • Support teachers to confidently build learners’ understanding about their wellbeing and mental health, being proactive in supporting their emotional health as well as intervening early with any concerns.

These series offer a Student’s Book for each stage (Stages 1-9).

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