February 21, 2023

Digital libraries

Create a digital reading library for your students – capture children’s imagination and nurture lifelong readers!

Reading Planet Online Library from Rising Stars and Bug Club Online from Pearson Education are whole-school online reading schemes, in English, for primary school pupils.

The titles included in the Reading Planet Online Library and Bug Club are up to date with current affairs and reflect today’s world. They feature characters and topics that today’s young readers find relatable.

Regardless of the curriculum you are following, both Reading Planet and Bug Club can be used alongside it and it is ideal for whole-class, group or individual reading both in school and at home.

Every book featured in the online library is an interactive eBook and the selection of titles includes both fiction and non-fiction.

Here’s why our schools choose to use online libraries:

“I chose Rising Stars as I liked the split between non-fiction and fiction text and the stories looked interesting for our readers. The interface is also easy to use. I like the way that some characters remain constant in the different levels so students can follow their journeys. We are going to use Rising Stars to supplement our thematic curriculum. Some texts will be used as class readers and then we will encourage the students to access books independently for homework.”

– Ellen Vanes, Academic Coordinator and Head of English/MFL at Internationella Engelska Skolan Skellefteå

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