February 21, 2022

Disney Kids Readers from Pearson Education

Pearson English Graded Readers is a collection of over 480 titles that features a wide range of genres, helping to bring the joy of reading into the hands of students of all ages and levels.

Now, Pearson is offering a collection of 36 Disney Kids Readers for young learners in Levels 1 – 6. These titles feature engaging illustrations from animated Disney and PIXAR films, helping students develop their reading skills in a motivating way.

Disney Kids Readers include a robust vocabulary, as well as opportunities to practice grammar and phonics. They help build new skills and instill values in an authentic context. Every Reader includes extra learning content and activities, and access to the audio book version on the Pearson English Platform.

Disney Kids Readers can be used as a progressive reading course for young learners or used for individual reading at school and at home. With familiar characters and action-packed storylines, these books are likely to engage even the most hesitant readers.

Click here to watch a 45-minute webinar hosted by Rachel Wilson, series editor of the Disney Kids Readers collection. In the webinar, which was recorded in September 2021, Wilson discusses the importance of building a reading habit from a young age, and shows how to use readers in the classroom with the help of the Disney Kids Readers.

Here are the levels offered within the Disney Kids Readers collection.

Please send us an email if you are interested in learning more about the Disney Kids Readers or any other titles from Pearson English Graded Readers.

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