November 10, 2023

Free webinars – Cambridge Early Years

Featuring authors Dr Alison Borthwick and Claire Medwell, the Cambridge Early Years webinars are free and provide actionable teaching tips and advice for your classroom. 

Join the thousands of teachers already signed up and make the most of these insightful events.

15th November 2023
This webinar will consider the importance of a play-based approach in the early years learning environment and the impact playful activities have on all areas of child development. We will discuss how to provide opportunities for child-initiated play through active exploration, in addition to guided play ideas in which teachers take a more active supportive role in developing learning towards a specific language learning objective. The webinar will be hosted by Claire Medwell and is recommended for both Cambridge and non-Cambridge schools.
10am-11am CMT – Sign up
5pm-6pm CMT – Sign up

22nd November 2023
The decisions you make about your learning environment are an important part of your early years provision. There are many aspects to consider but ultimately the environment should reflect how young children learn and what they need to learn. This webinar will explore what makes an effective learning environment and offer examples of how you can achieve this. The webinar will be hosted by Dr Alison Borthwick and is suitable for both Cambridge and non-Cambridge schools.   
10am-11am CMT – Sign up
5pm-6pm CMT – Sign up

About the hosts:
Claire Medwell is a teacher, teacher trainer and independent materials writer based in Spain who is passionate about quality English teaching. She has 27 years of experience in English language teaching and English as a second language teaching, specialising in Early Years and Primary learners. Her publications include Cambridge Global English Stages 4-6 and our upcoming Cambridge Early Years resources. She has a special interest in developing Visual Literacy Skills in the Young Learner classroom and is a storytelling enthusiast!

Dr Alison Borthwick is an international education and mathematics adviser, with a particular interest in early years mathematics. Her publications include our upcoming Cambridge Early Years resources.

No certificates of attendance will be offered for these webinars.

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