April 14, 2022

IB Theory of Knowledge resources

We’d like to highlight an updated Theory of Knowledge resource from Oxford University Press. Supporting the latest TOK syllabus, for first teaching September 2020 and first assessment in 2022, these inquiry-based resources are developed directly with the IB to help learners navigate complex issues of knowledge.

Click here for a full sample chapter of the student textbook.


  • A thorough and in-depth account of the new IB DP Theory of Knowledge syllabus, for first assessment 2022, including chapters on each of the five optional Themes and the Areas of Knowledge
  • Extended case studies with fascinating source material that can be used for classroom activities
  • Interesting and challenging content to help students consider a wide range of views and ideas from multiple perspectives
  • Content viewed through the required conceptual framework of ‘Scope’, ‘Perspectives’, ‘Methods and tools’ and ‘Ethics’
  • Comprehensive support for the assessment including the Exhibition and Essay
  • This book is also available as part of a Print and Enhanced Online Course Book Pack

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to place an order, please send us an email. We hope you have a pleasant holiday weekend!

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