Featured image for “Springboard KS3 Science”

Springboard KS3 Science

We’re delighted to announce that Hodder’s brand new KS3 Science suite of resources, Springboard is now published. This revolutionary and research-informed series is designed to ensure pupils progress through the...

Featured image for “Collins Primary and Lower Secondary Wellbeing series”

Collins Primary and Lower Secondary Wellbeing series

The Collins Wellbeing series is a flexible and easy-to implement wellbeing programme supporting teachers to equip learners with the tools needed to build confidence, support their mental health and develop...

Featured image for “Barrington Stoke”

Barrington Stoke

Last year, our publishing partner, Collins, acquired award-winning publisher Barrington Stoke which now sits as an imprint within Collins.  Getting children excited about reading for pleasure is no small task....

Featured image for “2024’s catalogues out now!”

2024’s catalogues out now!

Delve into the realm of the latest resources and updates for 2024, from Cambridge, Hodder, Oxford University Press, Pearson, and Collins. Are you unsure of the perfect fit for their...

Featured image for “Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards”

Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Awards

Worldwide, educators engage in phenomenal work that extends beyond merely imparting curriculum knowledge. They play a pivotal role in instilling values, providing encouragement, offering support, forming friendships, and profoundly influencing...

Featured image for “Welcome Collins”

Welcome Collins

We’re thrilled to announce that the esteemed publisher Collins is now officially represented by Witra Publishing Group in the Nordic. As one of the world’s largest book publishers, HarperCollins Publishers...

Featured image for “Witra at Nordic Network Educators Conference 2024”

Witra at Nordic Network Educators Conference 2024

The Educators Conference for 2024 takes as its theme ‘Learning through connection’ and features a lineup of influential thought-leaders and stimulating workshops that will introduce you to new possibilities in...

Featured image for “Global English 10, 11 and 12”

Global English 10, 11 and 12

Cambridge Global English 10-12 is the ideal series for schools who want their students to follow a higher-level English as a second language programme from ages 14-18.  This series provides...


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