April 29, 2024

Rapid Plus Reading programme  

Experience real progress and proven results for English Language Learners and struggling readers. Introducing the latest addition to Pearson’s repertoire: Rapid Plus stages 10-12. This innovative series, developed with Dee Reid, delivers real results. With meticulously graded books, software, and teacher support, students aged 11-14 make significant strides in confidence and reading ability.  

Rapid Plus stands as an innovative series comprising meticulously graded books and software tailored for English Language Learners and struggling readers aged 11-14. 

  • Developed in consultation with Dee Reid, a former English teacher and co-founder of the hugely successful Catch Up programme.  
  •  Support for English Language Learners is provided for every reading book by NALDIC, the UK’s professional association for teaching English as an additional language. 
  • A cutting-edge series for students reading at ages 6.6 to 9.6, helping them make two levels of progress. 
  • Age-appropriate content, offering a huge variety of genres and art styles, rigorously levelled and trialled with 11-14 year-old students. 
  • Innovative software on the ActiveLearn platform gives students the chance to practise reading independently, with features to support their reading and in-depth reports to track their progress. 
  • Teacher support with a strong focus on comprehension, designed to work for both specialists and non-specialists, with step-by-step support for reading sessions and end of stage assessments. 

Pearson collaborated with Dee Reid, the visionary founder of Catch Up, to create Rapid Plus, specifically designed to bolster KS3 struggling, EAL, and SEND readers. Independently validated, it has demonstrated the remarkable ability to more than double progress within just a few months. Students experience a transformative shift, viewing themselves as genuine readers for the first time, while teachers observe a notable increase in their confidence across all subjects. 

Want to try it out? Get in touch for a digital sample. 

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