June 7, 2023

SNAP Maths

SNAP – Special Needs Assessment Profile.

Maths learning difficulties such as dyscalculia and maths anxiety are common issues that can cause students to have difficulty with their maths lessons. Dyscalculia is a specific learning difficulty that can affect the ability to comprehend numerical concepts, while maths anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear that can lead to avoidance and decreased engagement with maths. Digital diagnostic tools are a helpful way to identify and address specific barriers to maths learning. Tools such as SNAP Maths from Hodder allows teachers to understand what individual students find difficult and to provide support through targeted interventions.

SNAP Maths (for ages 6-16) is a brand-new digital assessment allowing you to assess pupils with suspected maths learning difficulties/dyscalculia and maths anxiety, to provide support through targeted interventions. 

How it works:

On-screen activities

10 standardised on-screen activities measure a learner’s ability in a range of numerical and cognitive skills.


Three questionnaires (teacher, parent/carer, pupil) help you to build a holistic picture of why a pupil might be struggling with maths, through questions about a pupil’s informally and formally taught maths skills and their emotional response to maths.

Fluency Boosters

Four Fluency Boosters Provide Intensive Practice in the areas of Counting, Comparing numbers, Subitising and Number relations through short, 5-minute sessions that pupils complete on computer or tablet.


  • Once a learner has completed the 10 activities, SNAP produces different types of feedback.
  • CoreProfile: Displays a learner’s results for each of the 10 activities as age-standardised scores for accuracy and fluency. 
  • Questionnaire Profile: Reports the questionnaire outcomes as bar charts, with an average score calculated for each of the questions covered.
  • Home Reports: Include advice and activities so parents/carers can help their child at home.

Information sheets and supporting documents

Information sheets help both teachers and parents/carers develop a better understanding of the difficulties shown by a learner’s Core Profile and Questionnaire Profile.


Alongside the Fluency Boosters, SNAP Maths provides a bank of targeted School Strategies that can be put in place to support learners, with some being appropriate for use across multiple difficulties.

Publishing date: early June

Available for orders now. Contact us for more information. 

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