September 13, 2023

We Go Eco

Create well-informed and engaged students – We Go Eco is a child-friendly introduction to eco-living and understanding the world through the choices we make and the shared responsibilities we have

Learning about the environment and the world is crucial for young students, and “We Go Eco” provides an excellent platform for this exploration. 

Understanding environmental issues early on fosters a sense of responsibility and stewardship, preparing young children to be informed and engaged global citizens. Through this series, young students can discover the importance of sustainability, conservation, and the interconnectedness of our planet’s ecosystems. 

As well as scientific learning, “Go Eco” panels throughout the books make practical suggestions on what we can all do to help make a difference in our daily lives. An activist spread at the back of each book takes a look at inspiring young people from around the world who have already made a difference in a particular environmental theme.

Informative, approachable text is supported by buzzing, bold artwork – perfect for children aged 5-7, or those reading at book band Gold 9, these are also great as non-fiction readers.

Discover how “We Go Eco” can inspire and educate the next generation about the environment and our world.

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The activists spotlighted in this series are:

The Planet We Share

Mya-Rose Craig – British-Bangladeshi (lives in UK)

The Climate We Change 

Xiye Bastida  – Mexican, member of the indigenous Mexican Otomi–Toltec nation (lives in USA)

The Journeys We Make

Greta Thunberg – Swedish

The Energy We Use

Ayisha Siddiqa – Pakistani, (lives in USA)

The Animals We Save 

Taxi Suri – from Suruí people, indigenous to the rainforests in Rondônia, Brazil

The Food We Eat 

Nisreem Elsaim – Sudanese

The Homes We Build 

Nzambi Matee – Kenyan

The Cities We Live in 

Vanessa Nakate – Ugandan

The Things We Recycle 

Lilly Platt – British-Dutch – born in UK, lived in Netherlands since age 7

The Crops We Grow 

John Paul Jose – Indian

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