Featured image for “Elevate your teaching toolkit with Continued Professional Development (CPD) titles”

Elevate your teaching toolkit with Continued Professional Development (CPD) titles

As an educator, you know the pivotal role diverse and engaging reading materials play in shaping a student’s educational journey.  We’re thrilled about our collaboration with John Catt, publishers of...

Featured image for “Oxford Children’s Classics”

Oxford Children’s Classics

As the holiday season approaches, we’re excited to introduce a handpicked assortment of captivating stories from the Oxford Children’s Classics, tailored specifically for young readers aged 9 and above. Within...

Featured image for “Free webinars – Cambridge Early Years”

Free webinars – Cambridge Early Years

Featuring authors Dr Alison Borthwick and Claire Medwell, the Cambridge Early Years webinars are free and provide actionable teaching tips and advice for your classroom.  Join the thousands of teachers...

Featured image for “Wellbeing in Education – Online conference”

Wellbeing in Education – Online conference

Our publishing partner, Hodder Education and John Catt, invites you to their online conference, The Wellbeing in Education Conference on 24th February 2024. From workshops and interactive discussions to discovering...

Featured image for “Scary titles for Halloween”

Scary titles for Halloween

As Halloween approaches, it’s the perfect time to ignite your students’ love for reading with some spine-tingling and hair-raising tales. These stories not only tap into the Halloween spirit but...

Featured image for “United Nations Day 24th Oct 2023”

United Nations Day 24th Oct 2023

Today, we celebrate the incredible work and mission of the United Nations, which has been promoting peace, cooperation, and sustainable development since its founding in 1945. The UN’s efforts to...

Featured image for “IB DP Science Study Guides from Oxford University Press”

IB DP Science Study Guides from Oxford University Press

The upcoming release from Oxford University Press is now available for pre-order! Are you using the new IB DP Science series from Oxford University Press? Then this is a must...

Featured image for “IB Diploma Chemistry”

IB Diploma Chemistry

Get set for exam success with comprehensive coverage of the science syllabuses, to support and engage all your students in their learning. Take your students on a successful learning journey...


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